Kevin O'Brien Cricket Academy

Kevin O’Brien Cricket Academy provides everything you need for developing technique, instilling best practice and improving cricketing performance. We train each player in the technical, tactical, physical and mental elements of the game.

Kevin O'brien Cricket Academy

At the Kevin O’Brien Cricket Academy, we always have our clients’ best interests in mind. We look to accommodate all their needs and wants and implement it into the coaching sessions. We tailor each session specifically to target the goals where improvement is needed the most. Having played international and domestic cricket for 16 years, worked with some of the best coaches in the World game, and having played with some of the all-time greats, I can use the experience that I have gained to help improve your game and take it to the next level.




We believe a strong, healthy, balanced body is the key to living well. And we can help you achieve your fitness goals by bringing the workout to you Virtually, available to anyone in the world. We also provide in-home personal training in New York, and other cities including Cali.


A Word About Our Trainer Quality

Mobile Trainers are not average or typical fitness professionals by any stretch of the imagination! Our trainers often have: a health/fitness college degree, top training certifications, years of training experience, an awesome personality, and a deep passion for helping people.


Traning Sessions 3 Ways

Whether you prefer training with a group or require one to one attention, we have a program for you